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Buy your Mongolian horse
Finding horses requires time and organisation.  
We provide this service from our guesthouse in Gachuurt only.  

Telephone in Gachuurt: (976-11) 49 01 80  
Mobiles: (976) 99 87 29 12, 99 75 69 64

Your arrival date to Mongolia is important.  
We can define the number of horses regarding the journey planning and your budget. 

Having a good experience of horseback travels in Mongolia,  
We can provide you a kit concerning the materials, saddles, bridle and so on. Information on demand!  

Prices will be calculated according to your demand.  
In order to finalise your demand, you need to pay by the bank transfer.  
ATTENTION: We will start to work on your request as your transfer will be received in Mongolia.  

A horse for a journey in Mongolia. 

You wish to have an adventure, to explore Mongolian steppes with your horse! 
For sure, Mongolia has more horses than inhabitants. However, there is no market for the livestock. Thus, buy a horse is another adventure. 
Your desire is to explore the Mongolian land. 
Why would you waste your time in Ulaanbaatar? To find a person able to tell you where you can buy a horse, and at what price, it will take time. If you like twists and turns, this is the right way, but it can last. Attention, the country is vast and your tourist visa does not extend easily. 
We sell horses. 
When you arrive in Mongolia, a horse awaits you. For those who dream of saddling up on a horse and riding away from it all.  
At the end of your journey, several options are available to you: 
Sell to local people, or to offer. 

Video of Mongolian horses
Photos of Mongolian horses