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Buy a Mongolian tent
Our Mongolian tents exist in two sizes:  
Small 6,00 m 3,40 m 2,00 m / Large 8,00 m 5,00 m 2,35 m  
Selling kit: a storage bag and ten pickets, also the three poles which draw it up. 

By e-mail:  
Phone Gachuurt : ( 976-11 ) 49 01 80  
Mobiles : (976) 9987 2912, 9975 6964 


The Mongolian tent is traditionally used during the summertime in Mongolia.

They are used in the steppe to host family parties, weddings or other events, such as Naadam, during big horse races. They are also used during long transhumances. 
This is about ten years that Xanadoo, Mongolie Nomade uses and improves the Mongolian tent, especially during our journeys on horseback. 
Working closely with a small craft business in Ulaanbaatar, we designed and tested durability, quality and reliability of our Mongolian tents while roaming in the steppes of Mongolia.  
Installation is fast and easy, with two people, the tent can be installed on any ground without foundation and guy-ropes required. The tent has a high resistance to wind. 
It is an exotic, elegant and festive space. Individual owners will find many uses for their Mongolian tents: from a party tent to an event shelter, from an outdoor lounge to a child’s cabin... Nomadic shelter for nature party! 
Video of the Mongolian tent
Photos of Mongolian tent