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Unique and efficient habitat for life

The traditional habitat in Mongolia is "ger" the Mongolian yurt.
This structure is more solid than a tent, and it convenes to total needs of nomadic people, staying mobile and lightweight. In Mongolia, yurts are used in the steppe by herdsmen, and in the cities, by the population that does not have sufficient sources to build or buy conventional solid houses. 
Traditional dwelling of nomads that live in the steppes of Central Asia, the yurt combines the charm and rusticity. 
The concept of the yurt is closely linked with nature, spaces, and the mode of life. The interior of the yurt is laid out according to ancient traditions, and contains strong links to its environment. The Mongolian yurt is a habitat at the limit of imagination, and it represents an ideal and unique architectural legacy from nomads. Designed with a circular shape, it is comfortable and practical, providing cool air in summer and warm stay in the winter time. 
We offer traditional Mongolian yurt. We would like to share its history and its life beyond the steppes of Central Asia... 
Our company "Xana Doo, Mongolie Nomade" is sharing knowledge of Mongolia and Mongolian nomads through our eco-tourism activities, such as horse riding and hiking treks and travels across the whole country. 
Our yurts come from the association of independent craftsmen for manufacturing yurts’ wooden parts. Our partners for felt and canvas supply is the State Enterprise of Visually Impaired Persons (which is run by the Mongolian Association of Visually Impaired Persons). 
The Mongolian yurt in Europe, America and elsewhere 
The yurt can become a permanent rustic home with a long lifetime if maintained correctly. Maintenance engages you to assemble and reassemble your yurt time to time, to aerate and dry felt layers, to tighten the ropes that hold the structure. 
The concept comes from a nomadic life; therefore, it should be dismantled and mounted at least once a year. Parties as felt, canvas or other external cotton membranes can be damaged over time by weather or moisture. Hence you will need to change and replace regularly depending on yurt usage and external conditions. 
For example, park systems and resorts worldwide are using yurts as lodging in a vast range of outdoor recreation settings while individual owners find many uses for their yurts, from a guest house or studio to a romantic getaway or theater. 
And these are just a few of the multitude of personal, business and government applications in which you can use traditional yurts.  

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