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Gerel & Come and the team...

Gerel Sanjasuren, Was born in Ulaanbaatar city, the capital of Mongolia, which has been meeting new challenges since 90s. 
Her studies in both Minsk and Saint Petersburg provided the opportunity for her to travel extensively in Russia and developed her passion to discover new horizons. 
Fluent in English and French, she holds a Master Degree in Tourism. She worked for "Nouvelles Frontières", a French tourist agency and led their adventure tours to Asia, which provided a great tourism opportunity and experience for her. 
Worked at the School of Economics of the National University of Mongolia; then she has been working for the European Union's assistance programme in Ulaanbaatar during 10 years. European experts help 
to Mongolians to improve their standards of living in a dynamic market economy. As a National expert, she helps to Mongolian organisations in the preparation of strategic planning documents, projects and 
exchanges (1996-2006).
Côme Doerflinger, Spent five years as a trapeze artist in the National School of Circus Arts in Chalon-en-Champagne (L'Ecole nationale des arts du cirque - CNAC) and became a flying artist - his passion! As a 
trapeze artist, he practiced the art for five intensive years. 
Having been injured in a fall, he moved from circus to circus throughout South East Asia in his own mind part of a "Road of Circus Schools"… This "Road of Circus Schools" led him to Mongolia with two monkeys. He spent one year in the Circus School in Ulaanbaatar where he taught flying trapeze and juggling to six acrobats and for a young juggler. 
The changes in the administration of the Mongolian Circus brought to an end his circus career and he left the world of performing arts for a while - definitely not forever…  
He is presently attracted by the challenges of outdoor adventure with a base camp for exploring the 
limitless wide-open spaces of Mongolia - the land of the blue sky…