Circuits en Mongolie - Genghis Khan Statue

2-3 pers 180 $
« Le parc du 13 ème siècle »  
La statue de Genghis khan


09:00 am Departure from Bayangol/other Hotel 
10:00 am Arrive in Chinggis Khaan Statue 
11:00 am Departure to 13th Century National Park 
12:30 pm Lunch at Khaan’s Palace 
13:30 pm Continuation of visit 
15:30 pm Departure to Ulaanbaatar 
17:30 pm Arrive in UB 

• Entrance ticket of Chinggis Khaan Statue 
• Tour to the 13th century national camp 
• Wear Mongolian traditional customs & emperor’s outfit 
• Archery & Horse and camel ride  
• Lunch 

Tous les jours

“13th century themed park” is located in the Tuv aimag, Erdene soum; it is 96 km away from Ulaanbaatar city. The purpose of the 13th century-theme park offers live-show of the micro empire of Mongols and introduces rich, more immersive experiences and full range of characters out of Genghis Khan’s period, the new mini-camps will greet guests and get them involved in the life of nomads of the 13th century. 
By visiting the camp, visitors will enjoy craftsmen art works, the Mongolian calligraphy, learn to write traditional scripts, dine with kings and queens, try archery, learn about the horse training and catching with lasso pole, riding a horse and a camel. At present, six camps and tribes provide the service to the tourists.
Relay-Station camp. This camp and tribe will be situated in the complex, inspects any outsider’s token when they come in the Relay Station, servants will help tourists to have a ride in the horse carriage, to have a horse ride, or camel-ride. 

Craftsmen camp. Blacksmiths’ and craftsmen’s work of Mongols of the 13th century happened to be very popular in many countries. In the Craftsmen camp you will enjoy the craftsmen art work such as horse harness, women’s ornaments, jewelry, arms, tools etc. As well, you will be amazed by women’s works such as woolen felt items, and handmade carpets. 

Educational camp. By visiting this camp you will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the unique culture of the literacy, traditional way of educating their successors and youngsters. Besides, tourists and guests are offered a teaching of the Mongolian calligraphy and all different Mongolian scripts will be introduced to them. 

Shaman camp. Following the customs of each clan, Shamans of different Mongolian clans gather around fireplace under the night sky and perform an unanimous worshipping ceremony aiming at the common deed. Several kinds of Shaman rituals such as worshiping of 33 heavens and “ovoo” (cairn) worshipping will be organized for visitors with the big fire. 

Herders’ camp. The everyday life of herders, nomadic culture, traditional way of the livestock breeding, the methods of producing dairy products, horse training and catching with lasso pole, tanning the leather straps, riding horse and yak, camel are all offer to your choice to experience the life of XIII century Mongols. 

Khaan’s Palace. It is the main attraction of XIII century themed park. You will learn about the state craft of XIII century Mongols. The main state affairs such as decreeing the laws, holding Great Assemblies are carried out at the camp. In the King’s Palace, there will be implemented different programs and receptions. One of them is King’s Great Feast.