Tours in Mongolia - Western Mongolia, Altai Mountains

Western Mongolia, Altai Mountains 
17 days / 16 nights in Mongolia

Discovery of the Mongolian Altai. The Altai Mountains are a huge mountain range in East-Central Asia, where Russia, China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan come together.  
Nature, the regions of Uvs, Bayan Ulgii and Khovd; the highest massif of Mongolia, the Altai Tavan Bogd, lakes of Achit Nuur, Khokh Nuur, Sogoog and Tolbo Nuur; the snow-capped mountain of Tsambagarav. 
Wild life: Altai Mountains still home rare animals such as argali sheep, snow leopard irbis, ibex yanggir. 
Meeting with Kazakh, Tuvan nomadic families, discovery of nomadic culture. 

--- Yurt, Tent, Hotel / Guide / Bus, a car  
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• Local flights UB – Ulgii – UB, 
• 2 nights in the hotel (with breakfast) in Ulaanbaatar downtown,  
• 2 nights in yurt, in Ulgii,  
• Transfers airport/city/airport,  
• Domestic flights UB-Ulangom, Khovd-UB, 
• Russian jeep 4x4 Russe and fuel,  
• Driver and guide,  
• Horse riding fees, packing camels, 
• Park entries and frontier permits in the country-side,  
• Meals during the trip,  
• Tents and mattresses. 

The price does not include: 
• International airfares,  
• Meals in Ulaanbaatar (2-15 Euro/day/pers),  
• Museum tickets in UB and Ulgii (about 2 Euro per pers),  
• Sleeping bags, 
• Excess luggage fees (about 3-4 Eur/kg, according to the company), 
• Personal insurances and repatriation fees (obligatory). 

Itinerary in Mongolia, day by day

Day 1. Arrival in Ulan-Bator (UB) 
Meeting at the airport/railway station and transfer to UB, overnight in hotel.  
Visit of the Mongolian capital, rest and free time.  
Day 2. Flight to Ulaangom 
At the Ulaangom airport meet local guide. Drive to south about 50 km and reach the Blue Lake. Pitch a camp. 
Province of Uvs 

Day 3. Lake Achit Nuur 
Drive a full day towards to west, see the Achit Nuur Lake. On the way, we will drive through the Red Mountain Pass to the Uureg Lake, where you will have a picnic lunch. The lake is home to many kinds of waterfowl which can be viewed from the shore line. The Achit Nuur Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Mongolia. There are stunning sunsets and sunrises and good fishing for grayling, lenok and others. You can enjoy seeing spectacular and beautiful landscapes. 
Province of Uvs 

Days 4-5. Altai Tavan Bogd 
First day we drive about 150 km and pitch a camp just near the Sogoog Lake. Next day, after driving about 140 km, we reach our road end. This is home place of Tuvan people, shamanists. 
Province of Bayan Ulgii 

Day 6. Hike in the Altai Tavan Bogd 
With the support of camels, we will trek for 16 km to the base camp area at the edge of the 20 km long Potanina glacier that runs down from the highest mountains in Mongolia. We will pitch our camp right here. Tavan Bogd means “The Holy Five” referring to the peaks of Huiten (4374 m and the highest), Naran, Ulgii, Burged and Nairamdal. It is a stunning setting with the awe inspiring massif of high snow capped peaks. 
Province of Bayan Ulgii 

Day 7. Altai Snow Capped Peaks 
We will remain in the same camp and make a day hike up the non-technical heights of Malchin Uul, where we are likely to trek up through snow. There is also a smaller hill nearby allowing for excellent and stunning views of the mountains, mainly into Russian Altai, but in the distance also China. 
Province of Bayan Ulgii 

Days 8. Potanina Glacier and back 
Today we trek back from Potanina glacier that runs down from the highest mountains in Mongolia. We have a chance to visit some local nomadic families. We will cross Tsaagan River (White River) and trek to Shiveet Hairhan Mountain, where the Tuva people live. Here we will view the biggest petro glyphs from the period of the Huns (approx 200 B.C.).  
Province of Bayan Ulgii 

Day 9. Lake Tolbo Nuur 
Drive out on the steppe valley towards the Lake Tolbo Nuur. The Tolbo Lake has crystal clear fresh water and good fishing.  
Province of Bayan Ulgii 

Day 10. Drive to Tavan Belchir 
After driving for about 5 hours, we will pitch camp just on the north side of the Tsambagarav Mountain (one of the highest snowcapped mountains in Mongolia, 4208 m).The place is called “Tavan Belchir” (Five Crossings). 
Province of Bayan Ulgii 

Days 11-12. Horse trek, glacier of the Tsambagarav Mountain 
We will ride horses and see the beautifull snowcapped peaks, rocky valleys and crystal clear spring waters. We visit nomadic Kazakh and Urianhai (one of western Mongolian ethnic groups) families and feel their grand hospitalities. From north west side of the Tsambagarav Uul we have the chance to hike closer to snow caps. On the east of Tsambagarav Uul we will trek by the narrow, beautiful canyon, where the river is good for fishing. Meet the Kazakh eaglehunter with his Golden Eagle. 
Province of Bayan Ulgii 

Day 13. Drive to Khovd  
Drive to South and reach the city of Khovd. Pitch camp near the River Buyant. The Khovd city was a commercial center located on the northern Silk Road with connections to Russia and China. In 1763 the Manchu administration built the fortress Sangiin Kherem, an area of about 4 ha, fenced with 3 m high and 2 m wide walls. Khovd is a multi-ethnic region inhabited with 18 Mongolian ethnic groups. 
Province of Khovd 

Day 14. Khovd 
Drive to Khovd. Visits, rest. Pitch camp near the River Buyant. 
Province of Khovd 

Day 15. Fly from Khovd to Ulan-Bator 
Transfer to the airport and fly to UB approx.3 hrs. Transfer to the hotel. Free time. 
Day 16. Ulan-Bator 
Free day. 
Day 17. Fly from Mongolia 
Transfer to the airport. End of the trip.