Tours in Mongolia - Mongolian Ride, discover Mongolia

Mongolian Ride
15 days / 14 nights in Mongolia

• Environment of Mongolia: extra-ordinary natural site of Orkhon valley; Khangai Mountains’ National Park; sand dunes of Ikh Mongol. 
 • Patrimonies of Mongolia: Karakorum, the ancient capital, Erdene Zuu Buddhist 
monastery ; Tuvkhun Khiid – Buddhist hermitage in the Khangai mountains, ancient ruins of the palace of Khublai Khan ... 
• Meeting nomadic herders: Roaming everyday on horseback requires a break about noon, often near nomadic camps. 
• Have fun on horseback: We pay special attention to pleasures during riding. Our harness, of English or French origin, is of high quality and is checked on a regular basis.

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We create the ideal conditions; it is up to you to enjoy your equestrian travel !
· 3 nights in yurt, in Gachuurt, 
· Transfers airport/city/airport, 
· 4x4 Russian car with fuel, 
· Driver and guide French/English speaking, 
· Tickets to Parks, museums, monasteries during the trip, 
· Full pension during the trip, 
· Tents, felt mattresses. 

· International airfares, 
· Meals in Ulaanbaatar (5-10 Euro/meal/pers), 
· Bath in the spa-camp in Tsagaan Soum, 
· Museum tickets in UB (about 2 Euro per entry), 
· Sleeping bags, mattresses, 
· All risk insurances.

Itinerary in Mongolia, day by day.

Day 1. Arrival to Ulan-Bator  
We pick you up at the airport and we take you to Gachuurt, our base camp, about thirty kilometers from Ulaanbaatar. Welcome tea to make first acquaintance, then lunch and a rest that if required after the long trip. You can also walk around the village. In the evening, dinner is served outdoor. Then, the first overnight in a yurt to recover from long travel and jet lag. 
Day 2. Transfer: Ulan-Bator - Batkhaan : 270 km 
Early wake up to start! After breakfast, we load your baggage and this is the great departure to the steppes of Uvorkhangai! We have 220 ​km of paved road and 50 km of trail to run through to reach our camp set up next to nomadic herders’ yurts. Lunch at noon in a small roadside restaurant. Once we arrived at the camp, we settle into our tents, while the cooks prepare a well deserved dinner! Stroll on the immense sand dunes which contrast with the thousand shades of green of surrounding mountains. Mongolian dinner – traditional barbecue.  
Province of Uvorkhangai – Overnight in tent 
Day 3. Undra and Mongolian nomadic family. Distance 20 km 
Batkhaan, nomadic camp. Here we are at Undra’s place. As guests in the yurt, we taste Mongolian tea with milk, white foods - cheese, tarag (kind of yogurt), cream, and mutton soup. Then we leave, horseback to the next camp, accompanied by Undra. Short step to join the camp Khar Biluut Uul in a very varied environment: green oasis with trees in sand dunes, steppes... 
Province of Uvorkhangai – Overnight in tent 
Day 4. Trek 30 km 
The ride continues to the amazing Mongol Els sand, a totally wild, natural mini-reserve. In the immaculate sand, caressed by the wind, the footprints of our shoes disappear soon; we're just passing in the mineral world of breathtaking beauty. At the end of our journey, we will discover a small lake where the first Living Buddha of Mongolia, Zanabazar, was enthroned in 1689. Following this ceremony, the first Naadam (Danshig) took place in Mongolia. Our campsite lies ahead at the edge of a small river, on a pretty fresh green carpet. 
Province of Uvorkhangai – Overnight in tent 
Day 5. Trek 30 km 
The caravan runs through a vast steppe. After having passed a pass late afternoon, we arrive at Nomgon Mountain where nomadic families live with their herds. A well provides precious fresh water. 
Province of Uvorkhangai – Overnight in tent 

Day 6. Trek 30 km 
Horseback we cross a vast and undulating steppe, the green vastness where only the clouds are reflected. We will camp at the bottom of a narrow valley where herds of adjacent areas drink the water of the small source. 
Province of Uvorkhangai – Overnight in tent 
Day 7. Trek 25 km 
Horseback, we arrive at Karakorum, we cross the city of Erdene Zuu monastery, and then we reach our camp on the banks of the Orkhon River. Relaxing on the river, swimming. 
Province of Uvorkhangai – Overnight in tent 
Day 8. Karakorum 
Visit to Karakorum, which was the ancient capital of the Genghis Khan’s empire in the 13th century. Visit Erdene Zuu temple, Buddhist monastery. Visit the market, the possibility of Internet connection. Lunch in town. Mongolian live music outdoors. 
Province of Uvorkhangai – Overnight in tent 
Day 9. Trek 30 km 
Our caravan rides through the beautiful Orkhon Valley. Rocky mountains shrink around the river which meanders. Beautiful viewpoints to admire the scenery. The basalt rocks conceal ancient tombs, some of which date back to the Paleolithic! You can also cross old tombstones and sacred sites older than 3000 years (burials of Xiongnu (Huns), Turkish and Mongolian). 
Province of Uvorkhangai – Overnight in tent 
Day 10. Trek 30 km 
We are pursuing in the Orkhon Valley. Nomadic land by excellence, dotted with yurts and great flocks of livestock. Arrival at Orkhon River canyons, an impressive sight awaits us. Here, 360 °, all is horizon, Orkhon Valley (in the east), lava fields (in the west) and high mountains are all around. 
Province of Uvorkhangai – Overnight in tent 
Day 11. Canyons and Tuvkhun 
By truck we depart to the monastery "Tuvkhun" perched atop of the mountains "Khangai". Here you can admire a beautiful panorama. We will hike up the last three kilometers on foot. High place of energy, special rites blessed by Buddhism, spiritual ambience. 
Province of Uvorkhangai – Overnight in tent 
Day 12. Trek 30 km 
Heading north, we leave the course of the Orkhon River. Across the Khangai Mountains, we follow a solemn trail and arrive by narrow passes and via green valleys at the site of Tsagaan soum (the evocation of an ancient monastery). Arrival to our camp near the ruins of the palace alleged to Khublai Khan, grandson of Chinggis Khan. He was the founder of the Yuan dynasty in China (1271 and 1368). 
Province of Arkhangai – Overnight in tent 
Day 13. Trajet Tsagaan Soum – Oulan-Bator 460 km 
Morning departure. Return drive to Ulan-Bator. Dinner and night in Gachuurt. 
Ulan-Bator – Overnight in Gachuurt 

Day 14. Ulan-Bator 
Ulan-Bator, free visits. One person will accompany to help you with visits and information. Visits and meals are at your expense. 
Ulan-Bator – Overnight in Gachuurt 
Day 15. International flight 
Breakfast and then transfer to the airport. 
Departure from Mongolia