Tours in Mongolia - Custom Trips in Mongolia

Custom Trips in Mongolia
You are a group of friends. We can offer you an original and easy trip in Mongolia! Our equipment allows recreational activities and various types of progression (horse riding, canoeing, mountain biking, 4x4 ...)  

The easiest way by email:  
Gachuurt by phone: (976-11) 49 01 80  
Mobile: (976) 99 87 29 12; 99 75 69 64

The number of persons: minimum two persons. 
Travels in Mongolia are available all the year round; however, whether conditions and constraints will vary with the seasons.  

Our equipment imported from Europe, is suitable for different kinds of exploration in good conditions. We can draw your travel on previous trips. Or send us description of your objectives, interests and regions; we will design a personalized travel plan. The only inconvenience will be your time to spend in Mongolia, which is three times the size of France.
- In yurt in Gachuurt guesthouse.  
- In guesthouse or hotel in Ulan-Bator.  
- In tent, in country-side/steppes.
The price will be based on the choices made, time and distances.  
- A deposit of 30% of the total, upon registration.  
- Carry the balance via bank transfer or pay upon arrival in Mongolia.  
Further details will be made during the preparation.