Tour in Mongolia - Hiking trip in Mongolia

White Lake Trek
9 days: June, July, August

The White Lake and the volcano within the National Park Khorgo - Tsagaan Nuur Terkhiin, two natural jewels of Mongolia, 
The canyons of Choidogiin Borgio at the confluence of Chuluut and Suman rivers, 
Tsenkher Hot springs 
Tsetserleg, main town of Arkhangai province, a vibrant city, visit to temple Zayain Khuree, 
Homestay with nomadic families in hidden camps in a non-touristy areas, 
Immersion into the nomadic life, discovery of traditional herded livestock, 
Mongolian ger-yurt, customs and culture, traditions and modernity.

Price 685 USD/pers for 2 pers 
Price 595 USD/pers for 3 pers 

• Transfer to Tsetserleg by bus, in 460 km from Ulaanbaatar (return travel), 
• Two nights’ accommodation in Tsetserleg (no transfers), 
• Full board accommodation in yurts with nomads, 
• Cart or other means for carrying your luggage during the trek, 
• A transfer to the UB bus station (once). 


• Transfers airport - Ulaanbaatar, 
• Accommodation and visits in Ulaanbaatar, 
• Meals in Ulaanbaatar, in Tsetserleg and during the bus transfers UB-Tsetserleg, 
• Translator (recommended), 
• Bath in Tsenkher hot springs, 
• Sleeping bag, 
• Bottled water, coffee and non-traditional products, 
• Small gifts for families, 
• Visits and tickets non-mentioned in the package, 
• Visa and international travel. 

Itinerary in Mongolia, day by day.

Day 1. Arrival to Ulan-Bator  
We pick you up at the airport and we take you to Gachuurt, our base camp, about thirty kilometers from Ulaanbaatar. Welcome tea to make first acquaintance, then lunch and a rest that if required after the long trip. You can also walk around the village. In the evening, dinner is served outdoor. Then, the first overnight in a yurt, to recover from long travel and jet lag.  
Day 1. Ulaanbaatar – Tsetserleg, 465 km 
Bus transfer. First big crossing of the steppe, 6h. Free afternoon in Tsetserleg, the capital of the province Arkhangai. Guesthouse.  
Day 2. Nomadic trail Tsenkher, 14 km 
First nomadic hiking with Galbadrakh. He will lead us across green valleys and forested hills to his camp. A beautiful immersion into nomadic life. The family welcomes us with the airag, fermented mare’s milk and Mongolian food. Hiking on surrounding hills. In the evening, you will learn Mongolian traditional games. Overnight in yurt. 
Day 3. Hot springs of Tsenkher, 17 km  
Hiking towards hot water springs. Hot water springs of Tsenkher flows out of the ground at the temperatures close to 90°C. Touristic resorts offer the accommodation and bath in open-air pools. We will stay with nomadic family tonight. 
Day 4. Yak breeders 
Return journey with Galbadrakh, 17 km. His wife will learn the basics of dairy products: the fresh cream, dry cheese and alcoholic drink. Nomadic meals and overnight in yurt. 
Day 5. Canyons of Choidogiin Borgio, 225 km 
By car, we will get to Tsetserleg and then we will be taken to Tariat Soum. Choidogiin Borgio is a spectacular spot at the junction of the Chuluut and Suman Rivers. Nomadic welcoming by the family. After the lunch we will erect a Mongolian yurt with the family. Dinner and overnight in yurt. 
Day 6. Khorgo Volcano, the National Park of Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur 
After breakfast, we travel by car 65 km. On the road we will visit the amazing canyons of Chuluut River. Warm welcome and lunch with Ganbat’s family. Then, we will hike with Ganbat 10 km all around, and visit the Khorgo volcano (2100 m). From the top, we will see magnificent view to the White Lake (Tsagaan Nuur). Dinner and overnight in yurt. 
Day 7. White Lac, volcanic sceneries 
Hiking18 km to get to the Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur. Lunch taken on the shoreline of the White Lake. The next herder, Battulga, is a veterinary. Nomadic dinner in the camp of Battulga. Overnight in yurt. 
Day 8. Tsetserleg 
Breakfast and lunch in yurt. Morning hiking along the White Lake shorelines. Return to Tsetserleg by car (195 km). Overnight in the guesthouse. 
Day 9. Ulaanbaatar 
Depart to Ulaanbaatar.