Tours in Mongolia - Karakorum, Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur

Karakorum, Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur 
09 days / 08 nights in Mongolia

The most beautiful places of Mongolia: 

• nature, the valley of the River Orkhon, sand dunes of Bayan Gobi, the mountain range of Khangai; 
• patrimony, in the town of Karakorum, the Erdene Zuu monastery, the hermitage temple Tuvkhun Khiid, tombs of Huns, Gokturk, Uigurs; 
• discovery of provinces Arkhangai et Ovorkhangai, the region of the lake Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur; 
• meeting nomads and discovery of nomadic life; 
• camping on the bords of rivers and lakes every night.

Yurt, Tente, Hotel / Guide, English/French speaking / Local bus, vehicle. 
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· Tents and felt mattresses.
· Meals during the trip, 
· Park and museum entries in the country-side, 
· Driver and guide, 
· Russian jeep 4x4 with fuel, 
· Transfers airport/city/airport, 
· 4 nights in yurt, in Gachuurt and in country-side, 
· 1 night in the hotel (with breakfast) in Ulaanbaatar downtown. 

· Sleeping bags, personal mattress, 
· Horse riding fees, 
· Museum tickets in UB (about 2 Euro/pers), 
· Meals in Ulaanbaatar (5-10 Euro/meal/pers), 
· International airfares,
· Personal insurances and repatriation fees (obligatory).

Itinerary in Mongolia, day by day.

Day 1. Arrival to Ulan-Bator
Meeting at the airport/train station, transfer to Gachuurt. Visit of the Mongolian village on the banks of the River Tuul, full pension and stay in yurt. Hot water, showers, WC, Internet. 
Day 2. Route : Ulaanbaatar - Karakorum 7h 
Departure, 4x4. Stop in the village of Lun for lunch. We will cross the Bayan Gobi sand dunes. Arrival in Karakorum in the evening. Camp on the banks of the Orkhon River. 
Province of Ovorkhangai
Day 3. Karakorum 
Visit of the monastery of Erdene Zuu, shopping in the city market. Meals cooked by our guide or in local restaurant. Overnight in yurt. 
Province of Ovorkhangai 
Day 4. Karakorum – Tuvkhun Khiid – Tsenkher 4h 
Departure in the valley of Orkhon. Hiking for 3 hours to visit the temple Tuvkhun Khiid on top of the mountain. Then we will continue by car, on foot to the village of Tsenkher on the banks of the Tamir River. Meals cooked by our guide. Overnight in tent. 
Province of Arkhangai 
Day 5. Route: Tsenkher – Tsetserleg - Taikhar Rock - Chuluut Canyon 6h30 
Visit of the de la charming town of Tsetserleg, surrounded by granite rocky mountains on the banks of the Tamir River. Internet Cafe for your mails from the steppe, market. Taikhar Rock: situated in twenty km from the town, this rock, high of 16 m, on the banks of the Tamir River. Canyons of Chuluut: a beautiful spot of the River Chuluut. Meals cooked by our guide. Overnight in tent. 
Province of Arkhangai 
Day 6. Route: Chuluut Canyon – Lake Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur 3h 
The banks of this lake are forested and surrounded with the crater and streams of petrified lava that make the landscape very special. The lake and the volcano are included in a national park. "Great White Lake" of 161 km ², located 2060 m above sea level is the result of the eruption of Mount Khorgo. We suggest walking tour - climbing the volcano Khorgo. Installation of the bivouac on the banks of the lake. Meals cooked by our guide. Overnight in ger (yurt) rented by nomads. 
Province of Arkhangai 
Day 7. Route: Lake Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur – Karakorum 5h30 
Departure to Karakorum via Tsetserleg. Meals cooked by our guide. Overnight in yurt. 
Province of Arkhangai 
Day 8. Route: Karakorum – Ulan-Bator 
Dinner in UB. Overnight in hotel. 
Day 9. Out of Ulan-Bator 
Transfer to the airport. Fly to Europe.