Tours in Mongolia - Mongolian Nomads and Reindeer Herders

Mongolian Nomads and Reindeer Herders
14 days / 13 nights in Mongolia

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• English/French/German/Russian speaking guide, 4x4, driver, gasoline. 
• 2 hotel nights in Ulan Bator 
• 4-5 / + nights in ger camps or in yurts during the trip. 
• Full board during the journey - cooked meals or meals in simple local restaux . 
• Tents and mattress felt ( bring your foam mattress for comfort ) . Kitchen and necessary (tables, chairs, crockery and canteen ) . 
• 2-3 days of horseback riding, camel, reindeer on the back / yak ... during the journey. 
• Entrances to parks, museums as mentioned in the description. 

• International travel, visa fees, and insurance; 
• Extra days in Ulan Bator, sleeping bags. 
• Meals, visits to Ulan Bator, beverages, 
• The extra services not mentioned in the description. 
• Small gifts, tips.

Itinerary in Mongolia, day by day

Day 1. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar 
Reception at the airport or train station and transfer to Gachuurt. Visit the Mongolian town on the banks of the Tuul River, full board, and rest in yurt. If our camp is still closed after the winter, night at the hotel in Ulan Bator. A UB, meals are at your charge. 

Day 2. Drive to Amarbayasgalant. 5h30 
We take the main paved road to get away quickly from the city... The track then leads us into the heart of the steppe. In the afternoon, we arrive at the nomadic campsite, and we are welcomed in the yurt! This is the location of the Amarbayasgalant monastery, in the valley of the Eveen Gol. Meals cooked by our guide or in local restaurant. Overnight in yurt/tent. 
Province Selenge  

Day 3. Amarbaysgalant – Ikh Uul. 6h30  
Morning departure to continue our journey towards Khovsgol. We set up the bivouac at the edge of the Selenge River, which is the most important river in Mongolia and Buryatia (Russia). It takes source in Delgermoron and Ider rivers. It has 992 km long and flows into the Lake Baikal by a large delta. Selenge River is the source of the river system Yenissei - Angara in Siberia. Meals cooked by our guide or in local yurt. Overnight in yurt/tent. 
Province Khovsgol 

Day 4. Drive to Moron . 4h 
Moron is the capital city of the Khovsgol province. Meals cooked by our guide or in local restaurant. Overnight in yurt/tent. 
Province Khovsgol 

Day 5-6. Moron – Ulaan Uul - Tsagaannuur 
Shopping at the market in the morning for our continuation. Heading north after lunch. We pass through sparsely inhabited mountainous areas with large rivers and we go through beautiful mountain passes. The Tsagaannuur Lake is one of 300 lakes situated in the Darkhad Depression, fed by 40 rivers. It is a freshwater lake, full of fish, including Arctic salmonids. Village Tsagaannuur is found in the west of the lake. Meals cooked by our guide or in local restaurant. Overnight in yurt/tent. 
Province Khovsgol 

Day 7-10. Village – taiga, encampments of Tsaatans, reindeer herders. 
We will go by horse, by reindeer, hiking to visit Tsataan families. A few days in the taiga can be seen like an escapade out of time, and a unique opportunity to involve yourself in the unique way of the reindeer people life.  
Province Khovsgol 

Day 11. Tsaatans encampments – Khatgal, lake Kubsugul. 
We leave back to Khubsugul Lake, to Khatgal, a small town on the south of the lake. Wild and beautiful landscapes. Khovsgol lake is the second largest (after the Uvs Nuur ) and the deepest lake in Mongolia. It measures 136 km long and 36 km wide. It is located in the northern Mongolia, near the Russian border, at the foot of Eastern Sayanes. It is the second largest freshwater lake in Asia after the Lake Baikal. Known as the Blue Pearl or Mother Ocean, the lake is frozen six months per year (from December to May). 
Province Khovsgol 

Day 12. Khatgal - Moron. Flight Moron - Ulaanbaatar. 
The paved road from the lake to Moron. Then fly by plane to Ulaanbaatar. Cooked meals / local restaurants during the trip. Overnight in the hotel in UB. 

Day 13. Ulaanbaatar 
Free day, overnight in the hotel (breakfast) 

Day 14. International departure 
Breakfast, transfer to the airport. Flight out of Mongolia