EquiNomade – Mongolian long distance ride with your horse

Nomade Ride
Enjoy a month-long horse ride

EquiNomade makes a foray into Mongolian steppes on horseback. A ride is organized each year on different routes. This is horse riding when you are dealing with your own horse and your equipment in order to gain the best possible understanding of lifestyles and adventures with your horse in the steppe, the spirit of the country and its traditions. An outstanding experience for you to live, to feel your horse and Mongolia. 
Passionates, adventurers, travelers, cowboys, riders, we will travel light on our mounts which allows us to find our best way at all paces, while crossing the steppe off the beaten tracks and discovering to discover breathtaking sceneries and multiple sensations. 
Those sacred Mongolian horses 
Our herd consists of dozen horses which are endurant, reliable and generous. The horses that we had taken every summer on the tracks, into the steppe. In winter, horses rest in the wilderness grazing peacefully with other animals. Thus, in the spring, we find them curious and alert, to immerse us in the boundless outdoors adventures and long journey. 
They are the best ambassadors in the country of cavalrymen.
- Four road legs, to immerse yourself into the Mongolian equestrian culture, your head in the steppe and the manes flowing in the wind.
1.Transhumance, on horseback
Traveling with horses from Gachuurt to Uvurkhangai, where Nomade Ride starts.

2.From sand dunes to the Orkhon Valley 
15 days/14 nights - 1400 €
03 July - 17 July 2016

3.From Arkhangai to sand dunes
16 days/15 nights - 1500 €
17 July - 01 August 2016
4.Long distance travel.
Traveling with horses from the steppes to Gachuurt
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