Stay - Horseback | Biking | Canoe in Mongolia

Horseback | Biking | Canoe 
A beautiful big loop over the Mongolian land, the "Bulgan & Adventure and Discovery” is an original journey which embraces a wide variety of experiences. 

This course combines a horseback ride in the steppe, mountain biking on trails, the Orkhon River canoeing in autonomy, in the province of Bulgan, Mongolia. 

Bulgan province is located in the Northern Mongolia, in a territory composed by the chain of Khangai Mountains, forest zones and steppe areas. The soil is sandy with the characteristics of semi- desert in the south. 

The horseback ride in the steppe brings together all the elements that would allow you to enjoy, in harmony with horses, the exceptional environmental richness and the beauty of that great vastness. Our final point is the lake Oguii Nuur (Arkhangai province), which is full of fish (perch and pike). 

This small lake of 25 km2 is located at 1,337 m above sea level, northeast of the town Tsetserleg. It is also a stopover for many species of migratory birds. 
The mountain biking is a good way to approach the territory, to discover various natural areas and meet Mongolian nomads-herders. 

While biking, we will follow the Orkhon River and we will go up to the north; we will cross the semi-desert landscapes, forest areas and vast grasslands. Then we will arrive to the city of Bulgan, with Mongolian log houses, due to the abundance of neighboring forests. 
Orkhon, the great Mongolian river by canoe that is five days of autonomous travel over water. You will discover great pristine environment, the paddling will be punctuated by a few rapid running sections, a great rafting trip for people of all ages and abilities. These 5 days will be rhymed by everyday tasks of camping and about 5-hours progression. This leaves plenty of time for activities such as swimming, fishing, hiking or resting to be planned. 
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