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Center of Mongolian contortion
Much more than just a circus discipline, the contortion in Mongolia is a valuable intangible heritage. Deeply rooted in religious and cultural traditions practice was the unique showcase of Mongolia on the Western world under the communist regime. 

 At the time of the great Mongol empire, in the thirteenth century, during the festive events of the court, the contortion would have appeared in the form of dances. Also, Zanabazar, the first living Buddha of Mongolia in the seventeenth century would have breathed into the Mongolian contortion its uniques features. The art of contortionist perfection would be intimately linked to statues of the goddess Tara made ​​by Zanabazar.

The Mongolian tradition is characterized by attitudes close to meditation, by the quality of the body warming up and by training techniques used by famous contortionists of Mongolia. The contortion art consists of all flexibility techniques existing in classic danse and gymnastics, going to the limits of the joints of the body. 

 The center of contortion trains young students in an atmosphere of rest and relaxation. The center offers basic teaching techniques and ways to increase your flexibility to ease our personal life. A natural physical activity, rich experience, strict and rigorous work.

Associated with the peace of mind, the Mongolian contortion is a vision of everyday life, where peace and relaxation are on the menu.  

Mongolian contortion
Mongolian contortion