Stay - the Altai Eagle Festival Mongolia

Eagle Festival in Mongolia
September / October
October is the eagle time in Olgii. Bayan Olgii province is a home to the Kazakh community, located in far west of Mongolia. The region is vast and mountainous. The life is crude and nomadic. 

The Eagle Festival is the highest competition amongst eagle hunters. The Festival opens with the magnificent parade of eagle hunters on horseback, wearing embroidered Kazakh traditional costumes, holding the bird of preys on their arms. The impressive Kazakhs’ cavalry turned my thoughts to the old glory of Chinggis Khaan. 
There are also equestrian competitions which show the excellence of riders among men and women such as: tenge ilu – to snatch the money out of the place, hyz kuar – to compete with a girl, kokhpar – to dispute a goatskin, the archery competition of Uriankhai people.

Eagle Festival in Mongolian Altai Mountains
Eagle - Kazakh hunters in Mongolian Altai