Stay - Hiking trip in Mongolia

Hiking trip in Mongolia
15 days, 14 nights in Mongolia ; 10 days with horses 

Enjoy the walking and trotting, alternating with beautiful gallops in the vast land of the Mongolian steppe! 
Mongolian horses are small and enduring. They are rustic horses, calm with a great stamina, submissive and generous. The number of escorting personnel facilitates different rhythms of horse riders. 

Trip is open to riders of every level who are in a good shape. Wide open spaces provide possibilities for all levels - great riding in Mongolia walking and trotting alternately with superb gallops in the immensity of the steppe. 
Mongolia is the country with a horse-based culture, and the horse remains the essential part of nomadic life. Therefore the horse riding trip is the ideal way for immersion in the magnificent open land of the steppes. 

The itinerary offers an amazing mix up of colours during the entire journey. Visit to the ancient monastery of Erdene Zuu and exploring the hermitage of Tuvkhun Khiid on a forested rocky mountain within the Khangai range. 

 We offer the essence of Mongolia, Khangai region and Orkhon valley, the great opportunity to discover horseback nomadic people and its epic history. We will ride in the footsteps of the grand empires of Huns and Genghis Khan. We travel horseback from Ulaanbaatar to Karakorum, through the dunes of sand "Mongol Els," towards Arkhangai mountain range and the valley of Tsagaan Soum.
Explore Mongolia on horseback, we offer the most authentic formula to approach nomadic life and Mongolian culture. 

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