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School of horseback archery
Equestrian Archery 

 This is a Mongolian traditional art that recently made its comeback to Mongolia. It dates back to the time when the Mongolian horsemen were fearsome warriors and ruled over the largest empire that has ever seen in the world. Genghis Khan in about 1200s was the first leader who united the tribes of the steppes to create the Mongol Empire, "Ikh Mongol". 

The equestrian archery joins two national disciplines: horse riding and archery. The combination of these two sports comes from ancient medieval Mongolian traditions. The symbolic of the bow and the horse all together, is strongly related to the warrior hordes of Genghis Khan. 

The goal is to shoot arrows in a fixed time, in movement, in one or more targets in a straight line or galloping through the fenced lane. The aesthetics of the movements and difficulties in balancing speed and accuracy make all the charm. Mongolian archery bow has two practices: on the ground and the other performed on horseback. 

There are equestrian archery competitions late June, which is a great show among the young sportsmen. Equestrian arc shooting is also featured in the valley of Khui Doloon Khudag where races of thousand horses are held during Naadam festivities, July 11-12. 

School of horseback archery
School of horseback archery