Stay - The ethnicity of Tsaatans northwest of Mongolia

Tsaatans de Mongolie
Tsaatans Mongolia 
In the North-West Mongolia, there is a turquoise blue lake "Tsagaan Nuur" and mountains all around. A green and blue environment, add the yellow in autumn and the white for winter. 

In this territory, the taiga is impregnated of shaman spirits: we are in the country of Tsaatans, the mysterious land. Tsataans are an original ethnic group of the Great North of Mongolia, which has preserved all wonders of the natural wilderness and its cultural heritage. 

The village “Tsagaan Nuur” of the same name is the last port in this region of taiga at the gates of Siberian plateau. There is the land of the reindeer herders. 
Enquired locally on their positions, higher towards the confines of the territory, we reach the district. We enter deeper in the Tsaatans country to discover the last representatives of the people of shamans, still living with reindeers. 

 Our chance encounters with this unique people are just more natural and exciting by the fire in our tipi. 

 A wonderful adventure in remote areas of the taiga, in the country of Tsaatans, and in the province of Khovsgol. 

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