Shamanism in Gachuurt

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Shamanism in Gachuurt
Shamanism in Mongolia is a spiritual ancient practice focused on the mediation between human beings and nature spirits, the journey of the soul in the universe of Heaven or Hell, and also the understanding of its environment. 

In Mongolia it we talk about "Boo murgol", it is the term for shamanism in Mongolia. The man is named Zairan shaman, shaman-woman is be called Udgan. 

 The concept of exchange is at the heart of shamanic thinking as well, it offers a practice that takes root in everyday life because of its ability to give meaning and solutions to the various problems faced by the community. This is achieved through an exchange with the spirits during trance. 
Shamanism gives to men the ability to enter these invisible areas to explore diverse dimensions to extract spiritual enrichment. 

 The shaman does not need a special edifice or a temple to practice their rituals - he can do it in any place in nature. There are many shamanic shrines on the side of Gachuurt, on the banks of the Tuul River. The shaman worships the "Ongods" - his spirits-protectors. If you are curious and if this inspires you, we know a shaman practicing in a place where you can blend into the forest as you desire. 

 Shamanic sessions, a week stay in Gachuurt...   
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