Gachuurt, Paddling on the Tuul River, very close to Ulaanbaatar

Canoeing Trip 
Downstream of the Tuul to Gachuurt  

Paddling downstream of the Tuul River is a scenic boating, with calm water, no portage. This is a wonderful leisure activity and convenient to all levels.
Canoeing the Tuul is an original way to discover the most beautiful sites.  

For families, groups, or individuals. The trips are paddling with the current.  
We provide trips to the access points and we pick you up in Gachuurt.  

 From May to September 

Rent duration: 3 hours from Gachuurt to Gachuurt. 

1. You arrive to Gachuurt Camp. 2. We shuttle you to the access point. 3 .You paddle with the current to Gachuurt. 4. We pick you up on the river bank. 

Video : Canoeing Trip in Gachuurt 
Photos : Canoeing Trip in Gachuurt