Tours in Mongolia

The tours of the mongolienomade
Mongolia Tours
Karakorum - Tsagaan Nuur
A discovery of central Mongolia. Discover the ancient Mongolian capital and the Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur Lake.
Fishing in Khentii
You can fish in Mongolia from June to September with every chance of success.
Hiking trip Orkon
Wonderful hiking itinerary that will take us through the grasslands and steppes to the mountainous area of Arkhangai.
Tsagaan Nuur - Khovsgol
This overland tour will take us to discover two areas with breathtaking landscapes in Mongolia.
Tsaatans Reindeer Herders
In the depths of Mongolia, on the border of Siberia, an almost forgotten people of Tsaatans live in total isolation.
Mongolian Ride
Magnificent equestrian trails that will take us discover all the splendors of Mongolian steppes on horseback.
Zavkhan - Bayankhongor
A beautiful central loop for exploring the “no-tourists” side of Mongolia.
Gobi - khovsgol
To discover the most essential from the south to the north of Mongolia.
Tours in Mongolian Altai
Altai, Eagle Hunting.
Ancient tradition of peoples with horse culture. Kazakh hunter perpetuates this chase today in Mongolia.
Eagle Festival
The Eagle Festival is a part of those ceremonies where customs and traditions are unveiled.
Horse Riding in Altai
Altai on horseback means you prepare for the extraordinary life between camp and cavalcade in untamed nature.
Altai Mountains 
At the gates of China and Russia. Discover snowy peaks, crystal clear lakes as well as green lush valleys.

Trek in Altai Tavan Bogd
A hike in the wild and untamed beauty of the massive Altai Tavan Bogd.